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What Happened?

What Happened? I just got a phone call from my Mom. She said that her neighbors were concerned for me because I hadn't updated this Journal for a while and the were worried that I might have gotten too drunk on new years eve and passed out in a ditch or something...well, I made that last part up...what can you do? I'm listening to Dirty Mary right now...I recorded 10 songs with this band last week and now I am listening to the mixes and they sound pretty good. I think I did a good job. I just got back from Boston. Dirt Bike Annie did a surprise show with the Crumbs and The Proteens. We had a lot of fun. A girl who was reviewing the show asked why we played one of the Proteen's songs and I explained that we do that when we are friends with the band that we are playing with. I think that the girl was concerned about our use of the word "retarded", but I assured her that we weren't making fun of retarded people. That night I slept at Dirty's Mom's house. Late at night I watched the Matrix with a girl from Texas and we made fun of it together. The next day we kept saying, "Oh man, I just saw that cat walk past...there must be a glitch in the matrix!" We also went to the Boston Aquarium with Dirty's sister. We saw Harbor Seals and an Electric Eel. I got kind of scared in the "touch" part of the Aquarium because I was afraid of the Star Fish. I was brave and remembered my new years resolution, which is to not be such a pussy...meaning, when someone dares me to eat a goldfish, I just don't wimp out and I eat the fucking thing. Oh ... I forgot to mention that the entry before this one wasn't even supposed to go online. I wrote it when the server was down and then I thought that I shouldn't post it because I wrote it while I was in such a spell...people get into spells, you know. But then I thought, what the fuck...who cares.

That was some weekend. On Friday I drove Jean Leavitt to the mall where she did some Christmas shopping. While I was trying to park the car in the Newport Mall parking garage, there was this LOUD bang. And then another BANG! Jean said, ìOh my gosh! Whatís going on? Are we being depth charged?î But it was actually the roof top carrier on my car scraping the ceiling of the garage. We did an emergency pull over and got it off the roof before there was any damage. It was pretty funny, but I felt kind of stupid having that problem. Jean couldnít find what she wanted at the mall, but yes she did. And I did too, but I best not write about that in here. Then we went to BJs Warehouse to look for more Christmas gifts, but there wasnít much cool stuff there. Jean wanted to go to Shop-Rite to buy food for the Sunday dinner that she does every week, but I was getting cranky and didnít want to shop anymore, so Jean said that that if I quit my bitchiní that sheíd buy me something. I picked out a coconut. I was going to get a pet lobster, but the ones in the tank didnít look too healthy. At home me and Dirty-D drank the coconut milk which wasnít too tasty and looked like jism. Then Dirty hit the coconut with a hammer and we scraped out the insides and ate most of it. But that whole coconut thing happened on Saturday, I think. Friday night I went into the city to try to find something to do. There was a party that I almost went to, but I was pretty sure that Pauline was going to be there, so I figured it would be best for me not to see her still. I was looking at T-Shirts in this used clothing store and saw my friend Collector Clair. She and her friend we sort of hiding in the store because just five minutes before, Clairís friend got busted by cops for smoking pot on the corner of St. Markís and Second Ave. Right in front of the big GAP window! Clairís friend sorta talked her way out of trouble, but wanted to lay low until all of the cops were gone. They were both pretty excited. Later we went back to Clairís house where her other friends(who ran when the cops showed up) were meeting her. Clair showed me her Buddha collection. She said that every Buddha had its own story and that if her apartment ever caught on fire the only thing she would save would be her Buddha collection. On Saturday, Chris, Dirty-D, Jeanie, Joe and I partied hardy at the Souse House. At one point, our neighbors came over. They were having a party of their own, but some of their guests were not having such a good time, so Amanda brought them over to our house. We all hung out and goofed off for a while, then one of the guys noticed that his friend was missing. The missing person told me earlier that he had parked on First Street, so we went over there and found him passed out in his car. we brought him back to Amandaís house, but on the way there, I noticed that the new neighbors (who had moved in less than a month ago) were throwing a Christmas party. The party was pretty loud and every one there was singing along to the Bon Jovi song, ìDead or Aliveî. I walked into the party to introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood. I gave the host the devil horn sign with my hand because he was singing the loudest, and the rest of the party gave me the devil horns sign back. ìAll right! Cool!î I thought to myself. But then I think that the guys throwing the party got a little freaked out that someone off the street had walked into their party. I introduced myself and all, but the hosts (who were actually really big guys that put out a kind of meat-head vibe) were getting a little aggressive and sticking their chests out at me. One of their drunk girlfriends was petting my cheetah collar and saying all slurred, ìLet him stay! Let him stay!î I was pretty sure my ass was going to get kicked inside out, but then the smallest host was like, ìIts cool. Itís cool. Go grab a beer.î So we all drank a Sam Adams together and then the party sort of turned into a make out party. That made me feel a little uncomfortable, so Amanda, her friends and I split. At home, Chris said to me, ìNot every house has the ëopen partyí Souse house policy.î Yep, heís right about that. On Sunday I saw the movie called ìDude, Whereís my Car.î This movie was not so funny, but I liked it because the actors are fun to watch. There were a lot of women with big boobs in this movie. And at the end of the movie, the two small-titted girls get these magic necklaces which make their boobs grow bigger. That made me think about whether or not I prefer women with bigger boobs to women with smaller boobs, and I came to the conclusion that I really donít care about boob size so much as I do butt size. I do like a little butt. Dirty-D said that liking the butt is strange because poop comes out of there, while nourishing milk comes from breasts. That is why he considers himself to be a ìBoob-Man.î Later that day, Chris and I played Taboo against Shane and Jean. They beat us by about 10 points. Jean and Shane make a very good Taboo team. On question went a little like this... Shane: Today the weather is... Jean: Bizarre! And the word that she had to guess was indeed ìBizarre.î That was pretty impressive.