Take the train

Last night

Last night I dreamed that my parents were coming to visit me, except that i didn't live in the Souse House anymore. I lived in a familiar place but I'm not exactly sure exactly where it was...it might have been Eddie Prom's old house. I entered the house before my parents and noticed a big rat eating something on the living room floor so I threw my slipper at it. That's when my pet dream cat jumped into the scene, but wouldn't chase the rat away. I noticed that the rat wasn't actually a rat, but was really a half rat/half raccoon. This mythical animal is called a Prisimix. I tried to grab the Prisimix so that I could get it out of the room before my mom entered. My dad had already entered and said, "Whoa, son, you better get that Prisimix out of here before your mother sees it." Prisimix's have very sharp teeth and when I picked it up, it clamped its jaw down on my left hand fingers. IT was scary and hurt a lot. Then my pet dream cat latched onto my other hand with its teeth and I was in double pain. I quickly woke up and thought that I couldn't move my hands, but after a few seconds I realized that I was ok. That dream sure beats the dream I had about getting a shipment of DBA records where the names of all of the songs were wrong...I believe it was the split 7" with the Grand Prixx and it pressed on excellent yellow vinyl even if the label was all muffed up.

Some people are getting stressed about the holidays. I guess because it is the time of year when you want to do everything you can to make everyone you know happy, but sometimes you donít feel like you can do that, and that can make you sad. Thatís why last night Chris, Jeanie, Dirty-D, Kid Control, Joey Joe Joe Valentine and myself went to another one of those ëdrink all you caní office parties. This party was at the Limelight. I hadnít been to the Limelight since that time in college when Sheneza (the only club kid we knew) got us into Don Knotsí (sp?) Birthday Party. We decided that the party wasnít as much fun as it should have been so once the open bar closed, we took the Path back to Jersey City to find another party. Chris kept trying to do backwards somersaults but couldnít get them quite just right, and Jeanie flashed the train conductor as it drove by. On the train Jeanie talked to a really cute girl named Nora, and then she made fun of me and Chris because she talked to a girl tonight and we didnít. Back at the Souse House, Chris filmed the Souse House Video Christmas Card which involved me and Joey Joe Joe Valentine naked out on Second Street. I think Jeanie was a little pissed that we said it wasnít a good idea for her to streak, too. I just didnít want there to be any trouble with a stranger or something. Sheís probably over it by now. After everyone left, I emailed the video to everyone in my email address book. I wonder if that was a bad idea or not.