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I went on a date

Last night I went on a date. My date and I wanted to see that new Vampire movie about the making of the first German Dracula movie, but that doesn't come out until Friday. We decided to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon since everyone else in the world has seen it and told us both how good it was, but we read the movie times wrong and got to the theater and hour and a half early, so me and the date picked up some fudgie the whale cake from Carvel and ate it at a dinner. We still had more time to kill, so after the cake we went to a bar to play pool, since neither of us felt like drinking tonight. For some reason I kept hitting all of her balls into the pockets, and none of mine. Date won the game, needless to say. By this time crouching Tiger was about to start, so we went back to the theater. Luckily, the big line up was for "Save the Last Dane", Which Date said was a lot like "Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo." There were a lot of previews before the movie, and that got me really psyched up to see the flick. You see, since everyone told me that Crouching Tiger was so great, I had sort of lost all vigor to see it...until now. It sure was a lot of movie...it was like 3 movies in one, really, but that was a good thing. It was a pretty cool movie, but alas, I can't say that it changed my life in any way, and that's really what I think good movies do...but I did try to run up a wall, once we got out of the theater. I got 2 steps up the wall, but I bet I could get higher. Date and I decided that it would be fun to play more pool, so we went back to the bar and there were these two guys named Eric and Andrew that we had to play against. They were in medical school and about to graduate, but this girl who was also playing pool didn't believe that they were going to be doctors...she thought that they were construction workers. Date and I played against them 4 times and lost every time. One game was pretty close, but the rest were pretty much slaughters. Eric and Andrew said that we were more fun to play against than most people, though, because we were funny. I would call my shots like this, "Ok...uhh...that red ball is going to knock into that blue ball...and...uh...the blue ball is going to go into that pocket over there...maybe."

OK, this is not going to be a long entry because I have been wasting my life over the past two weeks and I need to make some stuff happen today. Last night was the first night that I was NOT drunk in quite a while. There were morning shakes, I felt very gross. Right now I feel 100% and even took a shower and changed my underwear. Last night I was talking about nicknames with Chris and Dan and about how you canít give yourself a nickname and that it just happens when it happens...like with Dirty-D. Jeanie has been trying to come up with a good nickname for herself but nothing seems to be sticking. Maybe Chris should do a poll about this on the DBA site. Chris suggested that we could call her, instead of Jeanie, Weenie. And her full name would be Weenie Wee. That would totally piss her off but also be kind of funny because since she is busy working out all the time, she is far from being Weenie. Whatís up, Weenie? Hey, whereís Weenie? Weenie!!!! I donít know if it has staying power...weíll see. Later that night Mariana and I were talking nicknames because she wanted to know the Dirty-D story. Then we brain-stormed nicknames for each other using the Dymo Write Brite label maker. I nicked her Hershey, Vegas, Tooty-X, and Peanut, but she wanted to be called ìKitty.î Mariana nicked me Gopher, Slade, Turtle and Q-Ball, but I said that I canít be named Q-Ball if my best friend is bald! That will just confuse everybody.