Take the train

My Thursday

Last night I went over to Jean and Shane's house to watch some of the Awards ceremony that was on...I forget exactly what it was called, but it was for music. So we drank a few beers and made fun of that for a while and then Shane and I decided to go out to a bar. We went to this place called "Albert's." Albert's is an all black gay bar. We ordered drinks and then cut a rug on the dance floor, which cleared promptly. Then Shane started talking to these two ladies and one was like, "Excuse me, I'm a lesbian, and my friend is not interested." (Or something like that) And Shane kind of rolled his eyes and said, "Hello? I'm gay!" It was funny and the lady with the bigger booty sorta smiled. I'm not actually sure that's how it all happened, but that works well for me in my mind. Later, we went for a drink at Uncle Joe's, and Joe was like, "Hey, Shane, you can't bring beers in here! Go down the street and drink those!" We got kicked out of one more bar, then went to Rolon's and bought a forty. Back at my house we drunkenly filmed an audition tape so that Shane can be a guest host on The View. If the people that watch this tape don't get freaked out by his slurred speach, then Shane will get picked for the jasminlive show.

The summer school

Yesterday I took the Path Train to Newark, and then NJ Transit to Trenton, and then the Septa R7 to Philly, and lastly, the R6 to Norristown where my friend, Pat, was waiting to pick me up. We listened to "Regan Youth" while he drove me to the repair shop near Quakertown that was fixing the Shit-Stank 6000. The car runs well now, but I was watching that temperature gauge like a crazy hawk...it was moving around a lot when I first started the car, but then it sort of found the right place to be. I made Pat go with me to a diner so I could treat him to lunch because he went so out of his way to help me with the car. Pat is doing the Atkins diet which means he can only eat meat...like no carbohydrates. He ordered a tuna salad platter and I ordered a blue cheese burger. We talked about girls and making out with girls and about how different it is to make out with girls now, compared to the time when we were 15 years old. Then I drove home while listening to the first Suzy Sleaze mix tape and there is a really good Stereo song on it that I rewound a few times to listen to over and over. When I got home, Holly had called me. She was having a bad day and I said she could come over if she wanted. She didn't feel like going home because her roommate is being kind of mean to her because I stayed over there a few times and this one time I got anti-bacterial cream on a very sensitive part of my body and it was really burning a lot and Holly's roommate came home and was mulling about in the living room, so I couldn't make a run for the bathroom. When it finally sounded like she had gone into her room, I made a mad dash for the bathroom. I don't think the roommate knew I was there because when I ran out of Holly's room, Roommate's door was open and I said "Hi Beth" and she was getting undressed I think (at least taking of her shoes). And she said, "AHH, hi." So, yeah, I think Beth might be a little upset about that and taking it out on Holly. Well, Holly came over and Chris smoked her out and we went downstairs and played music. Holly played drums and I played a busted 3 string bass. It was cool because I felt like I was in Morphine or something. Later that night we watched a movie that Pat had recommended to me called Chuck and Buck. It was about this guy named Buck who was kind of a loser and was 27 years old and unemployed and had little toys all over his room and drank a lot of rum and cokes and made collage posters for presents for his livejasmin.cc friends and I was like HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT ME!!!! Everything matched up including the name Buck! I mean, my last name is RaBUCK, you know? So, yeah, I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing that there are so many similarities between me and Buck, because Buck was pretty fucked up and stalking his childhood buddy that he used to put on plays with called, "The Devil and the Reindeer." I think not everyone would enjoy this movie because it may be a little long, but if you are a patient person then rent this movie, please. I sound like Chainsaw and Dave from the hit movie "Summer School" when they are reviewing Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was a true story, right?

These are a few things that happened in February

Oh man. I just saw Pauline's online journal. I don't know why I bothered to look for it. She told me that she had been updating it like twice a day and was really excited about it. I did not like reading what she really thinks about me. I don't know how anyone can read these online journals without weirding out.

Valentine's day was pretty fun. Holly's band played a show and I got to meet a few of her friends there. I made this little movie earlier about Valentine's day where I barf up this gallon of milk and since it was on the same videotape that I had in the video camera, I showed Chris after the show. He thought it was pretty funny so I showed Holly and she got pretty grossed out and on the walk home told me that I was too immature to be her boyfriend. We'r estil dating, though, because her friends were like, "Don't let one vomit video ruin your relationship."

The other night I was at a friend's surprise birthday party and a few of us got bored, so we hung out in a little alcove in the back of the bar and played truth or dare. One good dare was when Joe hung brain and walked to the front of the bar and back. Another hot one was when Joe had to give Dan a hickey right on his face. That cracked me up. Later, a great birthday cake was brought out and we put some frosting from that on our nipples for dares. For the last dare I hid my pecker in this slice of cake that was sitting on a plate, then I turned around and said, "Who wants some cake?" Then some guy walked into the alcove because he had to use the bathroom and I quickly put my tallywacker away. The guy knew we were playing truth or dare and I Jeanie told him that all of the girls had stuck their tits in the slice of cake. The strange man said, "Oh really? That my be why it tastes so sweet." And he ate a fingerful of the cake that I had just had on my bits. What a dumb ass.

The car is fucked and still in Pennsylvania. My new friend Pat hooked Dan and I up with a place to stay and took us on lots of little adventures while we waited for the car to be repaired. Pat had a chaturbate collection of Tenacious D videos that was really great, and at night he took us to the bar that he works at and his boss, (Wormbath's Dad) hooked us up with beers and Steak sandwiches. All in all, Dan and I had a GREAT time while we were marooned in Sellersville, except when we got told how fucked the car was.

February Second

A few things have happened to me since I last wrote in this journal. For one, I asked Date to go steady with me while she was at my house earlier in the week. She said "OK" and I wrote our names in the orange fur that I hangs over my closet so that it wouldn't look so crappy next to the TV. I am pretty excited about the new relationship, but also scared because we are both coming out of big relationships and maybe we are not ready for this yet. We'll see, I guess. Over the past two days I have been editing a rock video with my friend Jenn. She needed by Friday at noon, so we worked on it all day Wednesday and all day Thursday. It came out ok, I guess. Not as good as stuff that I've seen other people edit, but not bad for a total rush job either. Jenn bought me Chicken Master for dinner and later that night I proclaimed that I would never eat chicken master again because I kept burping it up all night and it was a total gross out. Jenn also bought a bottle of rum for when we finished the movie so we could unwind because we were working pretty hard. The first night that Jenn slept over at my house she climbed up into the loft bed and said, "Oh, man, is this a jism towel?" I almost died. If I had a moment to think about it I would have been able to make up something like, "oh, no, I just threw that up there so I could wipe the dust off of the ceiling fan," but I got totally busted and then she said, "Whenever I sleep in other people's beds all I can think about is how covered they are in jism." I said, "Well, I least I have the towel for that."

Holy COW!

I meant TRAVIS! Not Trevor. I must have been drinking when I wrote that.

In addition to that other bullshit

I just remembered that tonight, when we played with Cherubino, that Trevor's guitar strap looked like the devil to me. I liked that bit of cool.

The night I bought bourbon and ginger ale

So tonight we played a show and it was good. I mean, none of us broke any strings. No one in the band said that they thought that the show sucked, so that was good. I'm sitting in my room right now. I gave the Date the mix CD that I made for her earlier tonight. I was happy to do that. But now I'm alone in my room and Chris is entertaining jasminelive guests downstairs and I don't feel very welcome. I can't wait till super Bowl Sunday because that means that I get to drink in the afternoon. I am not doing so good at this moment right now. I know that if I go to sleep that I'll feel ok in the morning. The date sort of freaked out because her boyfriend came back into town. I think that sort of bummed me out a little...Ha ha ...I just looked back at the computer screen and the type-errors were very funny.

The day of the Luna Lounge show

So I get a call this afternoon from Pauline and she gives me the URL of a website that has pictures from a party that her and her new Boyfriend went to. Its like portrait pictures, sort of. I guess I thought it was kind of lame of her to give me that info, only because I wouldn't volunteer that sort of thing to my ex, but whatever. Then she was like, "why can't we hang out now, just as friends?" I said I wasn't ready for that and we talked a bit more then she asked me if I put up a personal ad, like she did. Earlier I had considered the idea, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that. I think that deep inside I am jealous of the people that are confident enough to make online personal adverts, but to me, I sort of feel defeated by using those adverts. Like I can't hack it in regular life, so I'm going fish. I made a crack at personal ad people and she hung up on me. But before that she was saying that she might not be around later to be my friend. Like later she won't have room in her life for me if I wanted to be her friend again...not boyfriend, just regular sit on the couch and talk and watch MST3K friend. I think that is why I got nasty...not about the online picture, which I checked out as soon as she hung up, and I wasn't disturbed like that guy on temptation Island when he saw his girlfriend doing body shots with another dude. I mean, Pauline was kissing him and he is a pretty handsome guy, better looking than me, anyway, but I just wasn't bothered. But the bit about me having to be her friend again by a certain deadline. That just doesn't seem right. So I realized the other day that there is no way that I'm going to be able to see all of the episodes of the shows that I like on TV. I just don't have the kind of schedule where I can be available every Thursday for Will and Grace, or every Tuesday for that 70s show. So I decided to change my whole TV viewing strategy. From here on out I will just try to watch every show on television one time. I mean that I'll watch one episode of Law and Order, and then be done with that program. The other day I watched the Men in Black cartoon. It was pretty good. The animation looked like the Batman cartoon and there was a lot of turn-coating in the episode. So yeah, it was pretty good, but I'm going to watch another episode of it ever.