The Best Waterproof Tent To Buy in 2018

We understand that if you go on outdoor trips you need waterproof tent, tents are very important because if the tents are bad or if tent don’t fulfill your needs then it could really ruin the whole trip. Also, if you are not experienced with tents buying a tent will be a hard thing to do, since there are a lot of different models, design and lot of other stuff that it will make even more harder to choose the one you actually need. But below we have explained on how to choose your perfect tent and we have listed our favorite waterproof tent!

Our favorite waterproof tent

After testing a lot of different models of tents we have concluded that Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room is the best and our favorite waterproof tent to use. Why? Well, it has a lot of space on it and not only you can easily move inside the tent but also moving the tent is pretty easy since you will get on your tent bag wheels that will help you move the tent if you think its heavy, not only wheels you get a lot of cool stuff on this tent bag but we will mention it later!

Even if its a bad weather that will keep you inside of the tent it will be no problem for you to still have fun since this tent can handle 6 people inside and not only that it has a large space but also you can stand on your feet inside it which it will make easier to move , I’m 6′ tall and I can stand on this tent! Amazing! And the thing I love most about this tent is that is has a porch area which it could fit 2 chairs inside that area which is great since you can stage your shoes and other things that you don’t want inside of your tent but you also want them to be protected!

Always when you are on tents there’s a big problem on where to leave your phone, wallet, keys and other stuff that you can leave it on the floor because they could be easily lost! But that problem with this tent it doesn’t exist since on edge of this tents there are some pockets which are perfect to put your phone, wallet, keys etc! There are a lot of good things I like about this tent, not only that is big but once you set it up you are good to go!

I have tried a lot of tents and the things that annoys me the most after you set up the tent is that you have to unzip the door every time you want to go out of the tent or when you want to go in! But the door on this tent it swings open and you don’t have to zip it when you go out or in since you can use velcro to close or open the door! Almost everyone who goes camping loves night without rain since it easier to do things on the morning if the land is dry and not worry about the rain getting inside the tent, with this tent you can enjoy even more nights without rain since if you remove the rainfly you can see the starts while sleeping!

The best thing about this waterproof tent :

  • ¬†Waterproof
  • Good Design
  • Big space
  • Separate rooms – which is good if you want a privacy while you are getting dressed!
  • It has a lot of windows which is good if you want to keep the tent cool!
  • You don’t have to unzip and zip it every time you leave or go in since it autocloses the screen door itself!
  • Little Pockets that you can use to put your phone, wallets, keys etc if you don’t want to leave them on the floor!
  • You can see the stars at night if you remove the rain fly!

You have to keep in mind that this tent is mostly for family “car” camping since its pretty heavy, also it takes up to 15 – 20 minutes to set it up if you are 2 people! If you want smaller waterproof tents for “car” camping or backpacking see below the other tents we listed that we loved!

Our favorite waterproof backpack tent!

You are going backpack camping and you need a 2 person backpack waterproof tent? If yes we have the perfect choice for you! The Campla Camping Tent for Two Persons is perfect for you! I’m using this tent with my friend for almost a year now when we two go backpacking and we are absolutely loving it! It fits on your backpack! This tent is very lightweight the total weight of this 2 person backpack tent and all its part is only 5.4 pounds. Not only you get the tent but also with the tent you get sleeping bags that totally fit inside the tent.

Are you looking for the best tent for rain and wind? Well, this tent is perfect for the cold but its also a warm waterproof tent, it keeps the warm inside if its cold and if its warm then you can open the two mesh doors to keep it cool! You can use this tent for beach camping or any basic camping. Its pretty easy to put this tent up it takes no more than 7-10 minutes if you are alone and if you are with one friend you can do it faster! Its very durable and it keeps the sand out if you are on the beach!

Best things about this 2 person backpack tent:

  • Waterproof
  • Very lightweight (only 5,4 pounds)
  • Good design for 2 people!
  • It has aluminium poles – Aluminum poles are lightweight but they are very strong and durable, also they make it very easy for you to set up the tent fast and take it down even faster!
  • Enough room for 2 people – Even if you lay down with your friend on this tent you still will have a few inches to spare!
  • Just like the first tent this tent has a mesh holder on top of the tent which you can use to put your phone, wallet, keys, etc!
  • It has a mesh frame with the rain cover if it’s warm inside you can just leave the rain cover off in order for the tent to be cooler!
  • It has a very large rain cover which it covers the ground on both sides. This is very helpful since you can put your shoes and bags outside of the tent even if it’s rainy and they won’t get wet. Also putting your backpack and shoes outside of the tent will allow you to have more space inside of the tent!

Our favorite 8 person waterproof tent!


If you have a big family like I do or if you have a lot of friends who want to come camping then, of course, you need a bigger tent that has a lot of space inside so you all can fit and still have a lot of space to move and have fun. There are many tents who are big and have a lot of space but the one I like the most is this¬†best waterproof family tent called NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent. This tent is huge, it has a lot of space, this tent is designed for 8 to 9 persons. This 8-10 person tent is a very strong tent, my buddy who likes camping a lot has lived in this tent for 2 months and the weather almost all the time was rainy and this tent didn’t leak at all, this tent is 100% waterproof. To set-up, this tent is very easy and even if you are alone it will take only 10-15 minutes because the poles are color coded and they are very easy to use! This is the best tent for heavy rain!


Best things about this 8 person tent:

  • Waterproof
  • Rommy
  • Easy to set-up
  • Very strong tent


If you want to buy a waterproof camping tent this are the things you have to look before buying

You have to keep in mind that there are different kind of tents some are waterproof and some are not, down below we will write some must-have features that every tent must have in order to be good and usable!

Weight and Size

Buying a waterproof tent doesn’t mean you only have to check on how much water it can hold and you are set to go, there are a lot of other features you have to check in order to make sure that the tent you are looking is the tent that fits you or your family perfectly. One of these features is the weight and the size of the tent. In order to get the perfect one you have to know how much people are going to use that tent. Let’s just say it’s only you and one other person going for camping, the perfect tent for you would be a 2 person camping tent which only can hold inside 2 persons and its very light so you can put it on your backpack and move around with it without any problem! If you and your whole family wants to go camping then you have to check family tents and so on. We have listed our favourite tent for each case where you can check them at the beggining of this post!


Strength is also very important for camping. A low quality tent will ruin your whole trip, if a strong wind starts you tent will start to shake and move from it, imagine camping all day and just because a weak tent now you have to stay all night awake to make sure your tent doesn’t fly with the wind and destroy your things, so when choosing tents make sure to check their strength so even if a strong wind starts you can still sleep inside the tent without any problem. Of course we have listed the best quality tents and the strongest one on this post too! You can check them!

Easy to set-up!

Usually 4 or more person tents need up to 10-20 minutes to set-up by 2 persons, there are tents that are very easy to set-up and having very easy guides to follow, and there are tents that only people who are used to camping know how to set them up, so if you are a newbie on camping make sure to check if the tent is easily set-up. Usually the eaisest ones are the ones with color coded poles!


Without ventilation the tent is going to build condensation or how some people call it “tent sweat” , the condensation on tents goes away on different ways but the best way to go aways is having ventilation on your tent which is good for other things too!

How much water it can hold!

This is maybe the most important thing if you are looking for waterproof tent,how much water a tent can hold is calculated using Hydrostatic head or ” HH ” , if you want a tested waterproof camping tent make sure to check the “HH” , 1500 “HH” or more is considered waterproof. The higher the HH rating the better the tent!

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