You want to go out and camp with all your friends? What’s the first thing you think? Well clearly you start on thinking who’s gonna come and who’s not, then you start thinking about all the fun you are gonna have, but when plans actually get serious what do you think? Let me give you one idea!

You think about where to sleep? Usually, if you go camping you end up in middle of nowhere on the middle on the night, are you gonna sleep at some big rocks? Or somewhere where isn’t safe? Of course, you are not gonna do that! That’s scary. So then you figure out that you need a tent! Yes, a tent!

So of course if it’s your first time going camping you don’t actually own a tent. So you start up your PC or Laptop and try to find some good tents. And trust me they are consuming, a lot of different models and a lot of other stuff that is just hard to understand. There are different models from family models . 2 person tents, backpack tent, waterproof and a lot of other stuff.

So which one you need? Well, their names can help you a lot! Let’s just say you want to go camping with your family, so you search up for family tents. Do you want to go camping with only your friend? Well, then you should start looking for 2 person backpack tents, and so on!

But that’s the easiest part! Okay, let’s pretend you are a big family of 10 persons. Can you all fit on a family tent? NO! Usually, family tents are only for 6-8 people. So you have to start to search for larger tents, once you find a good one you may end up with a low-quality tent and so on.

These little things can make your camping day better or worse, so that’s why you need to start looking on google or forums about tents. Trust me I have been there! Now since I have used many tents on my life and have been disappointed a lot of time from them, I decided to make this blog for tents and to write up a lot of tips and tricks for tents. Not only tips I also have listed a lot of reviews about tents, starting for waterproof tents, family tents and a lot of different tents depending on your need.

All the tents I have listed are all quality and durable, so make sure to check them down below. And make sure to check all the tips for them as well. since small things can be very difficult when you are in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have internet access to check google on how to do them.

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