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Last updated 19 February 2006 @ 5:33 PM Dallas time

Submitting Farscape art and fan fiction to Farscape Fantasy is easy. It is now possible for creative Scapers to post their content directly to Farscape Fantasy's server side database, which means your work is shared with our community the moment you submit it. However, with convenience comes responsibility.

It is important that prior to posting content to Farscape Fantasy that you read and understand the following guidelines. Violation of these guidelines could result in the removal of your content and the suspension of your account.

By posting work to this site, you acknowledge the following:

Copyrights, Trademarks & Ownership

1. All Farscape™ characters, images and elements of the show created by The Jim Henson Company are copyright ©1999 The Jim Henson Company. All elements of your work, including music from music videos, that is copyrighted by others belongs to them.

2. Original work posted by you must have been created by you. Please do not post work created by other Scapers, even if it is out of admiration.

3. You are granting Farscape Fantasy non-exclusive rights to post your work. This means that in addition to posting your work here, you are free to submit and share your work wherever and with whoever you wish. Farscape Fantasy makes no claim of ownership of your work. Using the control panel, your user name and password, you are free to remove/edit your work as you see fit.

Inappropriate Material

The art gallery and fiction archive is intended to showcase Farscape-related works by Scapers. Please do not post non-Farscape work to this site.

The instantaneous nature of this site is a great convenience to many, and a temptation to pranksters. Please note:

The posting of material pornographic in nature is a violation of the Terms of Use Dallascaper signed when he bought this server. Posting of pornographic material could result in the suspension of Farscape Fantasy. More importantly, THE POSTING OF CERTAIN TYPES OF PORNOGRAPHY TO THIS SITE IS A VIOLATION OF UNITED STATES FEDERAL AND TEXAS STATE STATUES. Dallascaper will cooperate with any legal authority in the identification and prosecution of anyone posting pornographic material to this site. Please, this is not a joke, do not post pornography to this site.

What is the threshold for pornography? Basically, if you saw it on the show, or on a romance novel cover at the supermarket, it is okay for this site. If you have art that is risqué and you are unsure if it is acceptable, contact Dallascaper and he will let you know.

Fan Fiction: The posting of fiction that contains heavy violence, drug use or graphic sex must be rated 'R'. Slash and other forms of risqué material is allowed on this site, as long as it is noted in the fic description that your story contains those elements.

For the moment, those are the guidelines for posting work to this site. As the gallery and fiction archive is brand new, updates to this page are likely. Changes to this page will be noted on the main Creativity and Updates pages. Thank you for reading these guidelines and enjoy the site!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact Dallascaper

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Legal stuff: The general concept of each creative work that doesn't infringe on existing Henson Company rights is copyright © the scaper that made it. All Farscape characters, images and video are copyright ©1999 The Jim Henson company.

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