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This episode starts with a shippy scene of Aeryn teaching John tactical a maneuver in the Farscape module. However, Aeryn spurns John's advances and it seems their relationship is on the rocks. The situation turns tense when Moya approaches a star system protected by automated Peacekeeper weapons. It is discovered the system is a breakaway Peacekeeper colony that is in the process of celebrating the wedding of their princess. Rygel negotiates authorization for the crew to land on the planet.

It is quite apparent that the Sebaceans on this planet are not Peacekeepers. These people know how to party! John and Aeryn find themselves in a upbeat, almost disco-like, atmosphere where everyone loves to kiss and frolic. While Aeryn is not in the mood to participate in the local kissing customs, John is not as shy.

Not all is well on this planet of partying Sebaceans. While the planet celebrates the marriage of Princess Katralla, she has a little problem - there isn't a groom. The princess' DNA was poisoned by her treacherous brother who will assume the throne if she doesn't marry. Apparently, every Sebacean male on the planet has been tested for compatibility and none have been found capable of providing her with children. Enter Crichton.

Asked to kiss the princess, Crichton does so without knowledge of what he is getting himself into. They kiss, she smiles, and Crichton finds himself under protective guard and fitted for his wedding clothes. He resists the idea of his marriage to the princes, but the princess' mother, the powerful Empress, has a compelling reason for Crichton to give up his single status.

Among the many diplomatic guests in attendance for the wedding is Scorpius. Moya, Pilot, and Zhaan decide to starburst in an attempt to lure Scorpius away from the planet where John, Aeryn, Rygel, D'Argo, and Chiana are having a good time.

When John tells the Empress he will not marry the princess, Scorpius makes his grand entrance. John is given a choice - marry the princess or be turned over to Scorpius. Understandably, it doesn't take John long to make his decision. He proposes to the princess and the wedding plans are set.

However, not all are thrilled by Crichton's decision. Aeryn thinks they can escape the city and hide until Moya arrives. The evil price, allied with the Scarrans, is determined to see Crichton murdered before the marriage can take place. Scorpius seems content to sit back and let events fall into place. He is definitely up to something.

Not to be forgotten is the situation facing Moya, Pilot, and Zhaan. Moya is receiving a message from an unknown, yet familiar source. It turns out the source of the message is coming from "The Builders" - Moya's godlike creators. The episode ends just as Moya arrives "home".


One of the things I've noticed about Farcape this season is the reduction of money spent on the episode production. The away planets have had a smaller, cheaper look to them and most of the episodes are filmed in the studio Moya set. It costs less to film an episode in the studio using existing sets than it does to film it on location.

It seems Farscape has been saving its dollars for this episode and they are very well spent. Though not quite as impressive as the effects in feature films, LATP1 does have a big budget feel to it. The flyby sequence through the city center is impressive as are the various alien locations such as the palace and gardens.

As for the story, couldn't help but wonder if, at times, I was watching an intergalactic version of Days Of Our Lives soap opera. John walking in on D'Argo and Chiana having sex pretty much set the tone for LATP1. Might add that the D & C bed scenes left surprisingly little to the imagination. I'm not being a prude, but I am a little uncomfortable with the show emphasizing in such graphic detail (for a family show broadcast in the US) the sexual nature of D & C's relationship. Not only was there one scene like this, but we are treated to two! One can only imagine what the European version of these scenes will show.

Speaking of relationships, what is the deal with Aeryn? Does she want John or not? She pushes him away, yet again, early in LATP1 and spends the rest of the episode in a moody trance. That woman wants it both ways - John always nearby, but never close. I have a feeling she regrets her actions (or lack of them) and realizes John may be lost for good.

Rygel, on the other hand, seems very supportive of John's newfound stature. Of course, this isn't for John's well being, but Rygel's. I suspect Rygel feels John, as Regent, could be an excellent and well placed connection to a potentially powerful ally. Maybe Rygel thinks John will loan him an army or two for the retaking of Hyneria.

Must admit, I find Scorpius quite perplexing in this episode. He is obsessed with capturing John and ripping wormhole information from the human's mind. If John marries the princes he will be protected from Scorpius, making a visit to the Aurora chair very unlikely. So, why does Scorpy seem pleased when John proposes to the princess? Perhaps Scorpy is happy to know where John is located at all times, even if he can't be touched, for now.

LATP1 leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. Of course, it is the first in a three episode trilogy, so cliffhangers and loose ends are to be expected. It seems Farscape's second season flirtation with dark, depressing themes is over. The last several episodes are pointing Farscape into a new direction. Dances with Death is out, Rhapsody in Pastels is in. Frankly, the show seems to have a lighter feel to it and is more fun to watch.


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Originally aired in the US July 21, 2000

Written by David Kemper

Directed By Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse

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