The Hidden Memory


Chiana is back on Moya and Aeryn is recovering from the knife wound - thanks to the efforts of John, Gilina and Chiana. Unfortunately, John is still being tortured by Scorpius on the Gammak base and the weakened Aeryn is the only one who can infiltrate the base and save John.

John is starting to trust his cell mate - a alien named Stark - and their only hope for escape is Gilina. The problem is, that the Aurora chair is weakening John and he is near the point of releasing the very information he has desperately kept from Scorpius - the true identity of the person helping him on the base. Of course, that person is Gilina and the clever girl has a plan.

She sabotages the Aurora chair so that a mental image of John giving Crais wormhole technology is pulled from John's mind. This false memory makes Crais look like the man hiding something and Scorpius turns his attention away from John and toward the Peacekeeper captain. John, though out of the "comfy chair" is in very bad shape. He is comforted by Stark and it is up to Aeryn to rescue them.

Meanwhile, Moya's pregnancy is ending and she is about to give birth. Rygel and Chiana are the only ones on board to witness the blessed event and they wish they were someplace else. It turns out the baby is not a normal Leviathan - it is covered with weapons and those weapons are obstructing its passage through the birthing canal. The baby starts to panic and threatens to blast i's way out of Moya unless Rygel and Chiana find a way to release it into space.


Though not quite as good as Nerve, this is still a great episode and features some of the most dramatic scenes of the season. First, there is the touching scene of Stark comforting John in the holding cell. Stark knows John is dying from the Aurora chair and tries to help his cell mate by giving John a memory of a beautiful place visited long ago. Television rarely approaches male bonding scenes like this because of the fear it will be interpreted as "gay." Farscape throws conventional wisdom out the window and the viewer is rewarded with a beautiful scene of one man helping another.

In total contrast to the Stark/John scene, we have Aeryn's confrontation with Crais. Aeryn finds Crais strapped to the Aurora chair and decides to give him a piece of her mind. This scene eliminates any ambiguity of Aeryn's loyalties - she is no longer a Peacekeeper and is darn proud of her accomplishments since becoming a fugitive. The way she leaves Crais is chilling, but understandable given the circumstances. The entire scene is an intense example of Claudia Black's acting ability.

Moya's birthing is a little disappointing. The pregnancy has been a major plot element for much of season one. When the blessed event finally happens it is relegated to second story status. Even so, the interaction between Chiana and Rygel during the birth is hilarious. Moya's menacing child is not a normal Leviathan and will clearly play a major roll in upcoming episodes.

The Hidden Memory is a strong episode and a definite must see for any Farscape fan.



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Originally aired in the US January 14, 2000

Written by Justin Monjo

Directed By Ian Watson

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