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Zhaan's people, the Delvians, are a strange and spiritual lot. They have abilities that most other species could hardly dream of. One of those abilities is to call out--summon--across the vastness of space and communicate thoughts to others.

The episode begins with Moya and her crew experiencing dreams of their last mating sessions. Moya's interpretation of her dream was to think another pregnant Leviathan was in danger, so she entered starburst without warning to locate the other ship. There was no ship, but a small planet populated by a sect of Delvian priests. These priests were calling out to Zhaan seeking help that only she could give. Although disturbed by their use of deception, Zhaan nonetheless was willing to listen to their needs.

Offering plenty of fresh food for Moya's crew, the leader of this group, Tahleen, seemed a bit too helpful. The group's spiritual leader, Tuzak, was going mad and the rest of his followers faced a similar fate. Only Zhaan, who had learned to control her dark impulses, could provide them with the secret of her sanity. Zhaan was willing to share her abilities, through a soul sharing experience called "unity," but Tahleen wanted more than guidance. During unity, Tahleen tried to rip from Zhaan the ability to control her demons - everything that had taken so many years to earn.

The process left Zhaan vulnerable to her own dark impulses and capable of almost any evil deed. The only person on the planet able to help her was John. To keep John away from Zhaan, the priest preoccupied him with hallucinations from his former life on Earth. Thinking his ex-girlfriend was now his wife and copilot on Farscape One, John was kept busy with the usual soap-opera activities of keeping her happy. Moya's crew was similarly preoccupied by the priests and were left helpless on the ship - away from Zhaan.


This is a very special episode for me. Before RIB, I was just an occasional viewer of the show. I can't explain it, but something about this episode struck me hard - I've been hopelessly addicted to Farscape ever since.

For a show already noted for elaborate sets and costumes, Rhapsody In Blue is a beauty among beauties. This episode draws the viewer into the spiritual world of Delvians and gives great insight into the character of Zhaan. It is quite obvious she comes from a powerful and wise people. It is also clear they are not immune from the seduction of political power. Some Delvians will go to great lengths to get it - even risking their own sanity in the process. Tahleen embodies the theme that power corrupts even those whose intentions were at one time noble. Whatever good qualities she may have possessed have been overwhelmed by her focused attention to controlling Delvia.

Intensely sensual from start to finish, this is one of the most sexual episodes of the season. It starts with a bed scene of John and his girlfriend on Earth, continues with Aeryn wearing John's underwear, and sensual themes run throughout the rest of the story. Is "unity" sex? Zhaan says it isn't, but I think the experience is too complex to categorize. John certainly thought it seemed like "ten years of great sex." Then we have Tahleen's description of unity with Lorana. Tahleen mentioned to Lorana that she was "easy and pleasurable" which at least suggests some type of sensual nature to the experience.

Rhapsody in Blue is a beautiful, smooth flowing, and well directed story about power and those who want it. It is also enhanced with themes of sensuality and loyalty. Rhapsody in Blue is one of my favorite episodes of season one.


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Originally aired in the US July 23, 1999

Written by David Kemper

Directed By Andrew Prowse

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