While the crew is distracted by a game of cat and mouse with Peacekeepers, Moya is boarded by hundreds of space faring insects. Pilot loses control of atmospheric temperature and the ship quickly heats up causing Aeryn major problems - Sebeceans lack the gland to control body heat. When their bodies get too hot they lose motor-functions, mental abilities, and eventually go into a type of coma - called the living death. To make matters worse, the bugs set up a nest in the ship and start producing "replicants"- perfect copies of Moya's crew.

These "replicants" are intent on taking over the ship to complete the nesting process - called genesis. The queen of these bugs temporarily uses Zhaan as a communication tool and the crew learns whether they will be spared or killed. Just when things seem to be under control, the Peacekeeper marauder searching for Moya lands in the hanger bay and a crew of commandos storm the ship. Fortunately, they are as susceptible to the intense heat as Aeryn - that is the crew's only advantage.


So, John waits until episode 3 to have his teeth brushed - no wonder the others were so hostile towards him. This is the second episode broadcast in the USA. Seriously, this is Farscape's first episode where everything clicked. The story was reasonably tight, we see continued character development from all and there is just enough action to keep the interest of viewers.

I particularly liked the interaction between Aeryn and John. She finally saw him as more than a primitive creature and pleaded with him to kill her if she entered "the living death." Yes, that may seem a bit morbid, but to a Peacekeeper it is a sign of trust.




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Originally aired in the US March 26, 1999

Written by Ro Hume

Directed By Brian Henson

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